Camp Andyland is the camp every kid will want to go to.  Filled with strikingly crafted pop songs for kids, with stick-in-your-head lyrics and catchy melodies – plus a memorable cast of characters that bring kids into Andy Z’s world.  An infectious collection of songs compiled from the popular Andyland series – Welcome to Andyland, Return to Andyland and Summer in Andyland. 


“It is instinctual for me to want to tell a story to kids as well as incorporate character puppets into my performances,” says Andy.  “This natural inclination eventually led me to the creation of an imaginary world that would be the backdrop for telling these stories, meeting the characters (a.k.a. residents), and taking kids on a destination-based musical adventure, a tour if you will.  So Andyland was born, and we’ve been having a great time visiting ever since!"


Andy Z is a multiple award-winning children's performer, singer/songwriter and educator who combines music, movement, storytelling and character puppets to create an experience that keeps kids engaged and families entertained. Andy's performances have earned him rave reviews and high-profile appearances on the Pandora Video Series, Pottery Barn Kids Stylehouse website, and at Austin City Limits Music Festival, and Strings Music Festival.

In addition to performing live for hundreds of audiences every year, Andy has guest deejayed on the national radio shows Spare The Rock Spoil The Child and Hilltown Family Variety Show. Andy's music has been heard on NBC's Today Show and has received many accolades, including Parent’s Choice, NAPPA & (Disney Family’s) iParenting Media Award. 

01 Welcome To Andyland
02 the pirate song
03 i went to a party with dinosaurs
04 drink more water
05 cecil (The Serpentine Dragon)
06 sticky bubble gum
07 camping Song
08 galaxy song
09 Row Your Boat
10 Spring Has Sprung
11 Squirrely Squirrel
12 la araña pequenita
13 Bizzy Bee
14 Butterfly
15 I Love You Because You're You
16 Farewell To Andyland


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CAmp andyland SLJ review!

"musicians perform in a variety of musical styles, including rock, classic rock, folk, pop, and bluegrass; and include silly character voices and sound effects...these fun and lively songs will have young listeners wishing they were at Camp Andyland."

CAmp andyland wins PCF award!

"With high energy, rib-tickling sound effects, and an assured pop beat, Andy Z serves up silly songs...and such goofy, sing-along edutainment tracks as "I Went to a Party With Dinosaurs," a counting "Pirate Song," and "Galaxy Song."

CAmp andyland - good stuff kids podcast

"For this very special installment Andy Z came to my house to talk about his brand new album Camp Andyland as well as all of the things that make Andyland such a fun and exciting place. I was also lucky that Andy Z played a few songs, just for me, and you can hear them on this episode."

CAmp andyland wins kids first award!

"...sit back, relax and listen to the infectiously fun Camp Andyland - a world inhabited by zany dinosaurs, not-so-scary pirates and a host of other silly sausages! The songs are engaging, delightful adventures that will tickle your ear lobes...This exemplifies good songwriting skills, terrific use of tempo and instrumentation and very experienced kid-friendly content."

CAmp andyland wins nappa award!

“Camp Andyland is an amusing CD filled with all sorts of fun creatures and kooky characters,” says NAPPA Director Elena Epstein. “The whole family will enjoy this highly entertaining musical collection.” read full review

CAmp andyland wins tillywig toy award!

"...remarkably fun, catchy pop songs kids will find themselves laughing and singing along to from the very first listen...Andy Z [has a] knack for crafting clever wordplay perfectly suited to tickling kids' funnybones...standout songs filled with memorable melodies and lyrics and loaded with laugh-out-loud moments...so perfectly attuned to the inner workings of children's heads and what makes them happy, one can only assume [Andy] is just a big (and very talented) kid himself!" Read Full Review

Kidzmusic.com review!

“If your busy schedule does not allow you to take your valuable time and refresh and renew at a Camp near you then sit back, relax and listen to the infectiously fun Camp Andyland...The songs are engaging, delightful adventures that will tickle your ear lobes...so make a date to have some fun and sing-a-long with your new found friends at Camp Andyland!” read full review

Kids Rhythm and Rock review!

Camp Andyland is a true joy from beginning to end. At Camp Andyland, campers/listeners are welcomed to camp, then treated to a delightful array of songs filled with fun lyrics that will make campers singalong.” read full review

winner! creative child magazine award!

Camp Andyland is the proud recipient of creative child magazine's 2018 cd of the year award in the kids original sing-along cd category! review link coming soon!

midwest book review of cAmp andyland!

"Infectiously catchy, wacky fun is the order of the day in this choice pick  for car trips, birthday parties, and public library children's music collections." Read Full Review

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Music has great benefits for education, children’s brain development and literacy. Using circle time, finger play and music, song and movement, Andy presents Learn With Andy Z workshops that provide librarians, educators and other early childhood development professionals the tools to engage and teach young children in pre-school through early grade classroom settings.

For more info, and to book Andy, e mail info@andyz.com or call 650-257-0743